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1. By you placing a booking with us, YOU are confirming YOU have read, understand and agree to abide by the following published Terms and Conditions (Sections 2-20). Please ensure YOU understand them fully prior to placing a booking with US.

2. By asking US to confirm YOUR booking, YOU are accepting that the terms of this Agreement, which incorporate the information, restrictions and obligations detailed herein. YOU thereby agree to abide to the entire agreement between US and YOU with regard to YOUR booking your Service (All Services), Venue or Vehicle Hire. YOU also consent to our processing personal information about YOU and other members of YOUR party, should this be provided to us.

3. YOUR contract with US is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of England and Wales. YOU may however choose the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland if YOU wish to do so, due to YOUR main residency presiding to one of these countries.

4. As a booking requires a final payment to be made by YOU when taking supply of the booked Service (s) on the day of hire, all Bookings must be made by, and under the name of, the Card holder (YOU), who will be named as ‘party leader’. WE must speak to the card holder to confirm IDENTITY prior to any payment being taken by US. We may also request YOUR year of birth ONLY, prior to YOUR booking being accepted.

5. WE reserve the right to refuse or terminate a booking should WE believe a booking has been placed using deceptive or fraudulent means, and additionally to instruct relevant authorities to Deceptive methods used to obtain products or services with US or our AGENT(s) by YOU or any member of YOUR party.

6. YOUR booking cannot be confirmed until this deposit has been paid by YOU, in full, to US. It is entirely an AGENT decision to refund any monies already paid by YOU to US. WE are unable to refund this deposit except in exceptional circumstances. Full Quoted balance to be paid 14 working days before any Service (All Services), Venue or Vehicle Hire is undertaken by YOU to US.

7. WE will not be held responsible for financial or personal loss to YOU or YOUR group in the event of mechanical failures and events beyond OUR control. Events beyond OUR control include (but are not limited too) war, threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics, technical problems with transport including changes due to rescheduling or cancellation of hire by US or one of OUR AGENTS or alteration of the vehicle or vehicle type for reasons beyond OUR control or that of our AGENTS and SUPPLIERS; closed or congested roads, villages, towns and cities, hurricanes, other actual or potential severe weather conditions (whether materialised or not), and any other similar events. Whether this effects timings of pick-ups and/or cancellation of the hire by OUR AGENT or SUPPLIER at immediate or limited notice to YOU, whether YOUR hire period has indeed begun or not.

8. Should YOUR vehicle hire be unavailable, WE will endeavour to match or exceed YOUR booked vehicle with an equivalent or better model. WE are unable, therefore to guarantee any specifications to vehicles, including (but not limited to); interior features, possible decorative themes, amounts of inclusive beverages and colour scheme (including body colour) of YOUR vehicle.

9. Amendments:

Amendments to YOUR booking are permitted no later than 20 days prior to hire of any service. An amendment is classed as a change to your original booking, requiring a new booking confirmation to be issued by US. Please note that in some instances, a Major Change (such as dates, times and changes by YOU to the any of our service hire will be classed as a CANCELLATION.. An Amendment Fee is charged for EACH amendment made at £5.00 except dates which will be subject to availability Please note we will NOT charge for SPELLING amendments to your booking.

11. WE reserve the right to change the vehicle requested for a hire by YOU at any time. This includes (but is not limited to) the colour and the style of the vehicle (including model type). WE will only do so if we feel the requested vehicle is unfit to carry YOU and YOUR passengers and will do our best to replace the vehicle with an identical model, however cannot guarantee to do so by placing a booking, YOU are confirming YOU are accepting this policy, and WE will not be held responsible for claims regarding this policy by YOU against US or our AGENT.

12. Use of prohibited substances and smoking in any of OUR or AGENTS vehicles and PROPERTIES is banned at all times. Should our drivers or staff become aware of any such transgressions from YOU or YOUR group, WE or our AGENT will reserve the right to cancel the hire with immediate effect and eject all passengers at the first safe place to do so. WE will not be held accountable for any resulting costs and WE will inform relevant authorities; passing on relative booking details for breaches of UK Law. This includes the newly introduced Smoking Law in the UK. YOU indemnify US to do so, by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

13. Any damage caused to the vehicle or venue by any member of YOUR party shall become the sole responsibility of YOU. Any costs associated with repairs and damage must be paid by YOU in the time frame agreed upon with the AGENT. An additional daily charge may be imposed should the vehicle be taken out of commission a daily hire rate effective to that vehicle. Criminal Damage may be reported to relevant persons/authorities, should WE feel this is necessary.

14. No abuse will be tolerated to our staff therefore have the right to leave any given chance of violent behaviour and will be reported to the POLICE. Any money paid will not be refunded as this would void term of our business and  LAW. By reading this YOU agree to abide by law and our terms.